Occasion of Varenyam Foundation Day

Occasion of Varenyam Foundation Day
Date: 08 Aug 2023

Giving Happiness on the occasion of Varenyam Foundation Day

Real happiness is cheap enough, yet how dearly we pay for it, which is counterfeit, whereas real happiness is all seeing life for what it is in all the little things we do to make smiles on innocent faces. We at Varenyam have engraved the joy of giving this Foundation day.

Varenyam has always been bringing about differences in the lives of people and this has been proven through the social activity done by Varenyam. We went to the place of a group of 61 special boys who are mentally challenged and spent a day with them, also we brought some stationery items of art & craft to engage them. The HO Team at Varenyam was instrumental in bringing smiles on the faces of Inspiring souls.

Name of the Place – Home for Mentally Differently Abled Children (HMDC)